Can’t help but to enjoy Newport News – for it’s great style and way affordable prices! Their clearance section even has some fab finds – and they are always having a great sale or offering free shipping (if you sign up for email alerts.) Yesterday they had a special going – certain items were marked down to $15 all day. Here are a few things I picked up:

In the pic they look sort of plain but I ordered them in pewter – I’m sure this shoe in my favorite metallic shade will be cute (and if not, it’s relatively simple to return/exchange).

This beaded necklace top in the picture. Here’s a closeup:

I can see this looking really good with a cute pencil skirt and some knee high boots.

I got this in black (couldn’t find the pic in black though). I think black lace is sexier and would work better under a blazer for work. White lace is nice but in this shirt looks a little bit old fashioned.


I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted this shirt in black or red – think I went with the black because it’s a bit more versatile – I wouldn’t wear this shirt in red to work. I think the red is more fab though.

Talkin about red – look at what’s currently on my wishlist:

These are currently $19 – regularly $29. I really should have ordered these with everything else and I just might call Newport News later and add it to my order.  Then again – maybe I should wait until I get a coupon code for 15% off or something? I’m definitely not in great need of these shoes… but they are cute!

Now if I get the shoes I have to get the bag:

Soooooooooo pretty! It’s currently $25 – usually $35. I was trying to show restraint while shopping yesterday but I really should call them and add the shoes and the bag to my order!

Currently $29 – usually $39. I must get these for the spring!

Now, the only thing I don’t like about Newport News is that the stuff doesn’t always look the same in person as pictured.  I’ve been ordering stuff from their site and their catalog for like 7 years now – and I’d say that 90% of the time, what you see is what you get. I think that’s a pretty good track record – still that 10% has always been irritating! But that’s the chance you take ordering from websites and catalogs, I guess.

The next time there’s a sale I must share – I think I did pretty well with the stuff I picked up yesterday!


Maxximum Zhivago East/West Bag

Maxximum Zhivago Bottom Zip East/West handbag: Here in Bone. I don’t know – something about winter makes me crave winter white/bone colored bags. I might have to add this to the collection… maybe after I buy all my textbooks for this semester! But it’s not too shabby of a price at $135 on Check it just to see the detailing that made me salivate when looking at this bag (the site has a nifty function that lets you inspect the item you are viewing on their site – pretty cool).

Sigh. It just looks so fabulous…

I really really do…

Ecco Nevada Suede Boot

Ecco Nevada Tall Boot in Caramel/Espresso Suede… mmmm… doesn’t it just sound delish! Found them on for just 169.95 Zappos has them at 173 something – I’m sure if I checked or I might find them even cheaper… I adore Zappos but has them beat with the free overnight shipping. I have yet to order from them but maybe these boots will be my first purchase… hmm… they are just so lovely aren’t they?

Finally, I’ve reemerged from the deep dark hole that is final exams period. And to think, in about four months, I’ll be right back there, again… can’t think about that now though. What I do have to think about though is how absolutely BROKE I am as a result of final exams (b/c I couldn’t exactly work) and the holidays… blah.

So since finals ended, I’ve found lots of interesting stuff, like:

Cowl neck sweater from Old Navy

and it’s like half off – looks like it’d be fabulous on. Think I’ll get it and see…

Ugly Betty

The show Ugly Betty took off as an entire phenomenon while I sat in my Federal Income Taxation class every Thursday night. But I caught the Ugly Betty marathon a few nights ago and I’m hooked! When classes start I’m gonna have to set my VCR (remember those?) to tape it. (No TiVo for this girl. Can’t afford it!)

Is it just me or is Ugly Betty (the ABC version anyway) not so ugly? She could always be worse – and she even has a love scandal!!

Check part of the Ugly Betty phenomenon: Be Ugly in 2007. I’m all about being real – and not just in 2007 – but why must that be equated with ugly (especially when I think that Ugly Betty isn’t quite so “ugly!”) I get what the site is saying – but what’s so wrong with being cute? I’m pretty cute – and I manage to be real… Still, I like the whole “beauty is skin deep and it’s about what’s inside” thing they have going – now that’s real.

The Original Dreamgirls cast performance of the “And I Am Telling You” at The Tonys, 1982. 

I was able to catch Dreamgirls with my mom on Christmas day – and like everyone else has said, it’s fabulous. I came across this a few days later, and see that Jennifer Hudson truly did Jennifer Holliday justice. I did not realize though that Dreamgirls came out around the time I was born… And do you see how skinny Loretta Devine is there! Geez!! I think she’s a pretty woman now: Loretta Devine but I mean – wow. I guess its hard to avoid as we get older…. I need to stop talking though – I’m probably gaining all kinds of weight as we speak from the last of the baked ziti I made for my New Years Eve celebration…which reminds me, here’s a good baked ziti recipe. Not quite how I made my baked ziti but it’s pretty close to it. I don’t use sour cream – I use a ricotta and egg mixture similar to what you’d use in lasagna. Tasty stuff.

Sigh. I can’t believe I have school related work to do! Law school is such a beast! Let me get to that…

Well, in law school they do. In college it wasn’t so horrible – maybe because I wrote them all the time (I double majored in Journalism and English, minored in Political Science, so writing papers were a way of life!) But yea I’m way out of practice in law school. It’s rough.

Anywho — look what I picked up from while procrastinating the other day:


and also for my friend’s christmas present I bought this:Vickie's dress!

and all (with the free s&h they offer for the holidays) I paid 54.50! Cheap – and nice! They came in the mail just yesterday. The dresses are tooo cute – particularly the fuschia one – it’s too hot on me! And I think the tunic is already one of my favorite pieces of clothing. The pics online don’t do any justice to how these things look in person. They really look good… Damn I love a good deal.

Gotta go back to this paper…

Then eat something!!

Ok one thing I’m verrrrrrry focused on (aside from school) is improving my financial situation… and Lynnette Khalfani (as seen on Oprah earlier this month, amongst her other numerous tv appearances) is a tremendous resource, particularly in the area of eliminating debt. She has a book coming soon about eliminating educational debt effectively that I will definitely have to put on the “books to read” list once it gets out…

Anywho, she sent this out recently. I know I will definitely be making good use of these tips – and I’m not waiting for the new year either. I’m starting as soon as finals are over!

Top 10 List of Smart Financial New Year’s Resolutions
From Lynnette Khalfani, The Money Coach

1.      Eliminate your debt. Answer this question: Do you really want to be in debt year after year and living paycheck to paycheck? If you said “No,” then it’s time to get serious about managing your money and getting rid of excessive debt. You can do it – but you must have an action plan and you must stick to it.

2.      Put aside 3 months’ savings. If an emergency happens – anything from a job loss to a car breakdown, your savings cushion will protect you from resorting to credit cards.

3.      Prepare your taxes early. Avoid the procrastination and stress, not to mention the hassles and long lines, at the Post Office hassles on April 15th. Early filers also get faster refunds.

4.      Make a financial plan. Start writing out your financial goals and what it will take to achieve them. Get help if necessary from groups like the Financial Planning Association.

5.      Create or update your will. Nobody likes to think about his or her own death. But you can’t ignore. Look at the Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 or the unfortunate, 150,000+ victims killed by the Tsunami that spread across Asia and Africa. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

6.      Fund a retirement plan. If you have a 401(k) or 403(b) plan at work, start contributing. If you already doing so, considering increasing your contribution. No 401(k) plan or you’re not eligible for it? Then open an Individual Retirement Account.

7.      Ask for a raise. List the ways you’ve contributed to your company’s prosperity or your department’s well being, and approach your boss for a raise. If you work for yourself, give yourself a raise by raising your prices or offering higher-end products and services.

8.      Get proper insurance. Find out what’s reasonable and recommended in terms of life insurance, and make sure your valuables, and property – home, car, etc. – are adequately covered. If something goes wrong, you and your family will be so glad you did.

9.      Share your knowledge. Mentor a young person, teach your children about “wants” vs. “needs,” or tell a girlfriend about some smart financial tips you have learned.

10.      Improve your financial record-keeping. Get your paperwork in order, and keep good records all year round. This will save yourself money in the long run and reduce your aggravation come tax time.

Copyright 2006/2007 Lynnette Khalfani